Emily Orling – Lead Botanist and CEO

Emily botanizing in Death Valley National Park, CA

Emily Orling has over 15 years of experience conducting vascular plant surveys across the West, having worked with various federal and state entities, consulting companies, and not-for-profit organizations in many diverse floristic areas.  She has been based in north-central Washington since 2012 and has accumulated over a decade of botanical experience in the Pacific Northwest region.  Although Emily has conducted vascular plant surveys throughout Oregon and Washington, her primary interest and expertise lies east of the Cascade Range.  In addition to field-based botanical work, Emily is also proficient in using Excel, Access and other relational databases for data entry, QA/QC, summarization and analysis.  Emily is an experienced project manager who has created and implemented field protocols, quality control and safety plans, and has authored post-project procedural documents and annual reports for monitoring and other studies. Emily recently co-taught continuing education classes on the local flora at the Wenatchee Valley Community College; and she serves on the board of the Wenatchee Valley Native Plant Society.

One fabulous crew

In addition to Emily, Rebalance Environmental can rely on a roster of local botanical technicians and crew leaders as needed to support field survey activities.  The Rebalance team is professional and field-tested, having worked successfully together as a survey crew on several botanical projects. Rebalance’s botanists have experience in botanical surveys in all geographical regions of the Pacific Northwest including Washington and Oregon (east and west of the Cascade Range), Alaska, California, Idaho, and Montana; as well as in other regions of the west.  The Rebalance team has surveyed vascular special status species, TESP, invasive and other plant species of interest, as well as non-vascular plants and fungi.  For specific information on other Rebalance botanical team members, please contact us.

Helpful data analysis assistant